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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

to hell the UPS

pardon me for my late update..
very...VERY...veeeeryy bz...

define UPS...

U - Ujian
P - Pertengahan
S - Semester

it's only a test! why do i have to be like a psychotic juggling over the books? why oh why?
oh well...to hell the UPS..i did try my best and if and only if i failed...i already know :D
i'm holding on tight to ayah's advice..

Ayah : do not study to the max...

and i said...OF COURSE I WONT!

ayah is the best :D
well today is biology, the last paper and it was tough...but i did answer all the questions!

can't wait to be home...
after all the struggling and hardwork..it's the best for me to relax now..

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  1. OMG..!! So sorry..i did try to reach me using ym but i didnt rely becoz most of the time i wasn't in my room...
    So sorry..
    Its ok,next tym i will try to be alert with my ym..
    ok, salam perkenalan..