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Saturday, June 6, 2009

say; LOVE

Let me introduce you to our two fine-looking hero :D
the guy with the glasses is Ah Kai ( my crush )..LOL

and the guy with the batik is Mr.Reza ( my ehem ) bahaha.
c'mon.. he's my supervisor a.k.a my lecturer..
right mr. reza?

this picture was taken when mr.reza overheard our conversation about Ah Kai leaving KMM...

my new friends...they are the best friend ever..or should i say..
you guys ROCK!

this picture was taken when we had farewell party for Ah Kai
( bottom; third from the left )
on 5th july 2009.
he receive an offer letter from JPA and he's leaving to Ireland..of course in medicine. Congrats Ah Kai..we are so proud of you.. :D
the farewell party started around 3 p.m and ends at 5.30 p.m...it was really fun hanging out with them but at the same time the party was gloomy...Ah Kai means a lot to me...in a good way for sure. He helps me in study and also lend me his shoulder when i feel really miserable..he is the best guy friend so far in KMM.. sob sob sob... i'll pray for your success Ah Kai..we hope you will remember us forever..

in this picture, Ah Kai was surrounded by so called ANGELS..LOL!

i suppose to be at my home sweet home at this very moment..sadly my dad had something to settle in Perak.. i really am homesick right now..i can't go back to bangi next week either because next week is the election day..what a life man! like it or not...VOTE FOR THE BEST and think wise..


  1. salam perkenalan...
    luck having such sweet memorieswith ur frens even u juz been there about less than a month,issit?

  2. friends is everything to me...
    with them my life is complete..

  3. m i included as 'the angels'???