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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

proud of 'em

yesterday (4/8/09)
was the drama competition for 1st round..
hypothetically, there are 3 groups in the competition..however..
the 1st group sadly had to back off becuz..the main actor unfortunately had to be quarantined..
so..left only 2 groups..

at first i am very dissapointed with my class drama..they just love to fooling around when practicing..but..
on this miracle day....we decided to practice using the stage..
although that night there was another team using the stage, we're still determined to wait until they finish almost 10pm..
so...all of us criuzly damn tired..but we still have the spirit to practice..cuz the competition is tomorrow.. shish! time is running out...!
izzy( the director ) which is the main actor too...ask me to replace him as the director..
at first i was hesitating but with his mumbling and all the nagging..i cant say much..
just do what he says..
so...i am the director, the narrator and handling the PA system that night..
good GOD!

rite...moving on..
at first..i didnt manage to be a 'director' but then again..
slowly....i learn the rythm..it's not that hard..we just have to have the emotion and feel the script..and be in the story..
so.. the practice went just ok...but..
shockingly..when the actual day...
OMG...criuzly...everything just unexpected..
they did superbly superb..
good job guys!!! i really am proud of you!!
if we manage to go to the final..i...i..
GOD!! i am thunderstruck!
ouh yea...thnx to mr.reza...
for everything..

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