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Saturday, July 25, 2009


i just don't understand what are my problems..i don't seem to have any problems, until ...just now i just unpacked my bag and..
believe it or not...it's been a week i do not touch books nor do any readings...
and now i still have the feeling not to touch the books..perhaps i'm allergic to it..


yesterday night, i overheard my parents talking in the living room.their voices are very low...very very low..seems like they are hiding something from me..obviously!
i crept up to my door to hear them better..
" we'll see first her result ,then..we decide..ok?" ayah said to umi..
later, umi reply.." yeah, i think it is all becoming too much for her.."
after i overheard their small talk..my heart dropped with dread..

before i come to a decission to continue my study in matriculation..
i told 'em that if and only if i failed in matriculation then i agree to go to MSU..
well it's very long story and i've cut it short..
right..so i'm in deep dilemma..and i stick to the phrase..'practice what u preach'..
cuz i really don't know what i want.. and right now..
everything just mix around here n there..sad..anger..confused..happy..urgh..
kill me now!

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